Eeny Meeny Miney Moe

I never really enjoyed “choose your own adventure” books. For one thing, it seemed like a lazy way to tell a story. I suppose it was more difficult writing multiple outcomes for one beginning, but it also seemed like a way out of completing a story and committing to a plot. Not only that, but choices can be overwhelming.

I am currently trying to choose which publisher I will submit a story to. I have at least decided on which story to submit, but no idea where to send it. Ok, not true; I have ideas.  But it is rather overwhelming.  I have my wishlist but is it realistic? Do I choose the publisher I think most likely to enjoy my story, or the publisher who’s books I am most likely to enjoy? And do those two match with anyone? What if an editor I seem to like works for a company I’m not a huge fan of? When does research turn into stalking? Am I over thinking?

I will probably go with my gut, and research reasons to justify my choice. When that fails, I’ll sort out the research and choose again. Basically re-reading my story until I get to the ending I desire I suppose.  It’s either all of this or eeny meeny miney moe.





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