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my Anti-Success story.

Children’s author Julie Hedlund, challenged participants of her 12 Days of Christmas for Writers series to post SUCCESSES (rather than resolutions) on our blogs this year. She believes the way New Year’s resolutions are traditionally made come from a place of negativity – what… Continue Reading “my Anti-Success story.”

Garden of Stories

Looks like I have not written on my blog since July- oh my!  I would apologize with exuberant regrets had I loads of followers, or even a handful. Alas, at this point my website is still mainly for me. I started it for motivation… Continue Reading “Garden of Stories”

Gorey Stories

‘Life is Distracting and Uncertain,’ She said and went to draw the curtain A line from Edward Gorey’s story The Shrinking Treehorn. Naturally, as I begin my journey online and at home to move my stories from my private world to the public world, life… Continue Reading “Gorey Stories”