Quiet As A Church Mouse


Everyone knows that church mice are the quietest mice in the world. Unfortunately, Mozy the church mouse loves to sing, and doesn’t know how to be quiet. Her brother and two sisters are always teasing her for being a bad church mouse and her parents are almost always giving her lectures.  Yet she cannot give up her joy of listening to the human church choir and will try everyday she can to get close for a listen, as long as her father doesn’t find out.

“Sing?” cried her father “Absolutely not!”
“Calm down dear” said her mother as she motioned to the other three children to go to their rooms.
“But dad the music is so pretty on Sundays and-“.
“And you can hear the music just as easily from downstairs with the rest of the family!” he huffed.
“It’s not just the music dad, it’s the singing. I want to hear the singing!”
“Well sweetie” added her mother, “if you only wanted to listen that wouldn’t be as much of a problem. But you want to join in, don’t you?”
“Who would hear a tiny mouse over a huge human church choir anyway?” insisted Mozy.
“You are NOT singing with the humans Mozy” her father growled, “You would put the whole family at risk more so than you already do on a daily basis.”
With that Mozy became very still and felt her eyes water up with tears. She didn’t want her father to see her tears, so she quickly turned and ran out hiding just behind the large bookcases which conceal the entrance to their home. Shortly after she could feel her mother sitting next to her.
“Mozy, it’s your father’s job to keep us all safe, he’s just trying to do his job. He worries about you getting caught, that’s all. He loves you.”
“But mom he’s right. Not only did I not hear you walk up to me just now, I have no idea how you did it. And you probably weren’t even trying.”

Mozy is a church mouse failure and must choose between her love of music and her love of her family. As much as she longs to sing and be loud, she does not want to get her family kicked out of the church.