Barnaby The Traveling Snail

close up photography of brown snail on brown wooden surface
Photo by Michelle Yorke on

Barnaby the Traveling Snail is a delightful little tale about one snail’s journey beyond his front door. Despite being a very slow moving creature, he is determined to become a world traveler.  One bright Spring morning he told his dream to his neighbor Frank, an earthworm.

“You’re a snail Barnaby, how much of the world do you think you can possibly see?” said Frank.
“I could see the top side of this bridge for starters. I bet there’s a great view up there.” said Barnaby.
“It would take you so long Barnaby, no offense, but you’re a bit slow moving. I don’t think snails were designed to be travelers.” said Frank.
“I disagree,” said Barnaby. “On the contrary I think we make perfect travelers. We don’t have to pack much at all because we can eat on the road and can sleep in our shells.”
“You do have a point there Barnaby.” said Frank. “But don’t travel too long, it’ll be terribly lonely here without you.”
And so it was that Barnaby the snail decided he would travel. He went inside his little home, gathered a few things for his journey, tucked them into his shell, and locked his front door behind him.

Barnaby’s first destination is the top of the bridge he and Frank live beneath.  Although Barnaby manages to reach the top of the bridge, things do not go as planned and he winds up going much farther than he had anticipated.

Join Barnaby in his first big adventure away from home.