The Unassuming Spider

abstract arachnid art black and white
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Samantha has just moved into a new home with her Mom and her little sister Penny. It’s too big, too smelly, and too boring for her. She doesn’t understand why they had to move there in the first place and is sure she will like nothing about her new home. The worst part is she can’t even complain to her mother as much as she’d like because her Mom is just as sad and upset. Not that she says so, but Samantha can just tell something is wrong.  Unfortunately, things are much worse than they should be and Samantha is about to realize how desperate things really are.  And the only one who has any answers is a spider. A spider who is just as shocked to learn that Samantha can see him as she is to learn he can talk. Together they unravel the mysteries of their troubles and Samantha discovers a whole new world of  darkness and evil like she has never imagined. Her best chance to save her family is a six-legged spider and his very strange friends.  If she could only manage to remember her manners and not lose their trust and support before she’s even gained it.

“How is the unpacking coming along then?” asked the spider.
“Uh- fine. How come you can talk?” blurted out Samantha.
“Perhaps the question is how can you hear me talk?” replied the spider.
“I’m supposed to hear when someone is talking, but spider’s aren’t supposed to talk.” retorted Samantha.
“Well well, aren’t you the little arachnologist.”
“A what? What’s that mean?”
“A scientist who studies arachnids.” stated the spider.
“What’s a racknid?” asked Samantha.
“An Arachnid, is a certain type of creature.” said the spider quite matter of factly, and continued as though speaking to a large class of students. “Arachnids are a class of joint-legged invertebrate animals in the subphylum Chelicerata.”  When Samantha didn’t say anything he continued.
“We include over 100,000 named species, including spiders, scorpions, harvestmen, ticks, mites, and of course the infamous Solifugae.” Again Samantha said nothing. The spider shifted slightly and in an exhausted and defeated tone stated:
“Creatures with 8 legs.”
“Oh! I see.” said Samantha, and she stared intently at the creature on the ledge who seemed to suddenly become very still.
“Hey!!” burst Samantha “You only have 6 legs! You’re all crooked! You have four on one side but only two on the other side!”
“Yes I had noticed that actually. Bit hard not too really. And quite kind of you to point it out, such a lovely child you are.”  said the spider as it turned to better hide the side with only two legs.
“Are you still a Racknid then? With only six legs?” asked Samantha, still in awe over the creature.
“An Arachnid.” the spider corrected. “Yes, I am an arachnid still. You don’t become reclassified just because you’ve gone and lost a leg or two.”
“Well where are you’re other legs?” asked Samantha.
“Are we still talking about my legs?” asked the now annoyed spider..
“I just – it’s weird to see a spider with only six legs.” said Samantha, suddenly realizing that she was staring.
“The world is full of strange and unusual things child, and a six legged spider is certainly not the most exciting or bizarre thing I’m sure. Now, how is your unpacking going along?” said the spider as it started to climb up the side of the window pane.