After writing stories for years, the time has come to turn those stories into books and try to share them with the world.  As an unpublished writer, i.e.faber is fine-tuning some work, constantly honing the craft, and looking for representation. You may find more information on the ABOUT ME page.

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In the bark of trees and underside of leaves.
The song of the wishy that floats on the breeze.
The nooks and crannies you pass every day,
The things you see as you go on your way.
Stories are all around us, happening every day.
Unfolding right beside us in their own unique way.
Down dark alleys and crooked corners some may hide,
Keeping their secrets from those who might mind.
Some are sad some are happy some are boring or fun,
some are spooky and frightening and not for everyone.
They are right there in front of you and all around the world,
They are even far beyond in places you’ve not heard.
Some come from the future, some come from the past,
Some will go by quickly, others are sure to last.
A storyteller finds them whether hidden or in view,
And tries the very best to pass them onto you.