About Ingrid

Ingrid spent her childhood climbing trees, getting her boots dirty, and living inside the stories she created. As an adult, she is exactly the same except now she has to cook her own meals.

Ingrid began writing at the age of 7 when she received her first journal from her parents. In high school, she took an Advanced Placement English Literature course for college credit. In college, she took several Writing Intensive Courses and Theater Classes to satisfy her passion for storytelling. However, as a late bloomer and terrible speller, Ingrid did not recognize her desire as a one that could be used to write books.

She is a member of the SCBWI and 12×12 Challenge. Her stories are Picture Books, Chapter Books, and Middle-Grade books. She also has a few seeds planted in her brain for YA novels.

Ingrid Faber lives in Philadelphia PA where she surrounds herself with books and dogs. She works professionally as a dog trainer, dog groomer, and lives with, you guessed it, her dog.image



So what are you doing when you’re not working at your jobs or writing stories?
Of course, I love reading. But I definitely need my time outside. I still love trees so I hike whenever I can. I used to do some flying trapeze and would love to get back to either that or rock climbing.

Does your dog hike with you?
Yes, she prefers hikes in the woods to walks in the city. She kayaks too. She doesn’t like to swim so she stays in the boat.

What’s your dog’s name?
Scarlett Grey. I named her after two characters in Neil Gaiman’s story ‘The Graveyard Book’.

How old is your dog?
About 10. Ten years, not months. She looks & acts younger than she is.

What type of dog is she?
Are we only going to talk about my dog?

I love dogs. I’m just curious. 
She’s a mutt found on the city streets.

Can you share a photo of your dog?
Uh, sure.


Oh my gosh, she is so cute! Like a little piglet.
That’s not a question.

So you like dogs?
I do. You have to when you’re a dog groomer. It’s not an easy job.

And you also train dogs?
I do. But I also write books. Children’s stories.

Right. So, how many books have you sold?
Um, you just came here for my dog didn’t you?

Yes. Yes, I did.
That’s fair.




All Photography of Ingrid Faber was done by Quarter Moon Co. 


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