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Ingrid_4-30-19_Quarter-Moon-Co_71I spent my childhood climbing trees, making up games, getting my boots dirty, and living inside the stories I created. As and adult I still live in my own imaginary world only now I cook my own meals and clean my own boots.

I’m a member of the SCBWI, the 12×12 Challenge, Writers HQ, and I volunteer for Philly Reading Coaches (an organization based here in Philadelphia PA).

When I’m not writing  I’m making a living training dogs with a fantastic local company, enjoying nature with my dog, or reading books with my dog sleeping next to me.

And now please enjoy some Fictionally Asked Questions:


What are you doing when you’re not training dogs or writing stories?
I love reading, of course. But I definitely need my time outside. I love trees so I hike whenever I can. I used to do some flying trapeze and would love to get back to either that or rock climbing.

Does your dog hike with you?
Yes, she prefers hikes in the woods to walks in the city. She kayaks too. She doesn’t like to swim so she stays in the boat.

What’s your dog’s name?
Scarlett Grey. I named her after two characters in Neil Gaiman’s story ‘The Graveyard Book’.

How old is your dog?
About 13. She’s definitely older than she looks.

What type of dog is she?
Are we only going to talk about my dog?

I love dogs. I’m just curious. 
She’s a mutt found on the city streets. Some sort of pit-mix.

Can you share a photo of your dog?
Uh, sure.


Oh my gosh, she is so cute! Like a little piglet.
That’s not a question.

So you like dogs?
Yes! I always have. I think I have more friends who are dogs than are human.

And you used to be a dog groomer?
Yes. That was a very challenging job. I did if for years.

But you do mostly dog training now?
It’s now my full time job and I love it.

Cool! Dogs are great!
Um, yes they are. But, I also I write books. Children’s stories. Remember?

Right. So, uh – how many books have you sold?
Sold? I’m not- um – wait, you just came here for my dog didn’t you?

Yes. Yes, I did.
That’s fair.


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Professional Photography of Ingrid Faber was done by Quarter Moon Co.