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My name is Ingrid Faber and I write stories for children. The types of books I like to create are picture books and middle-grade books that inspire children to either face life’s awkward realities or explore their own imaginations. Empowering children at a young age is very important to me and the best way I know how to do so is through storytelling.

I try to create books that will appeal to young readers who are in a unique stage of their reading development. Having been a child who did not move fluently or quickly through the expected reading levels I understand the frustration of not finding desirable books on the shelf. Knowing how to read at a certain level is much different than wanting to read at that level, let alone the children who truly struggle.

My current work in progress is a fun Picture Book titled “The Piggy and The Pickle” where the Piggy is in a pickle because of a pickle and the chaos that ensues gets out of hand.

My own little piggy is miss Scarlett Grey. She’s named after Neil Gaiman’s Scarlett and The Lady on the Grey from “The Graveyard Book“.


Scarlett Grey

The extended version:

Born and raised in the Philadelphia area of Pennsylvania, I have been in love with storytelling for as long as I can remember. Whether through theater, art, or writing, I have a passion for bringing stories to life. I wrote my first book when I was 7 years old and it won First Prize in a local Young Author’s Competition. The following two years I won again receiving Grand Prize and then back to First Prize the year after. I continued to write throughout my life however I never thought to share my stories in any way. Although I was writing all of the time, I had never thought of myself as a writer. I was always a slow reader, a bad speller, and a bit dyslexic so I assumed my writing should be kept secret. I did however still enjoy storytelling and did so in any way I could.

I dabbled in photography, music, sculpting, and dance before moving into Theater. I studied theater at Bucks County Community College and Temple University but changed my major to Business and Marketing and finished with a 4.0GPA from Gwynedd Mercy College.  Throughout my college education, I enjoyed every “writing intensive” class I could fit into my schedule enabling me to learn the craft on several levels even if it was still my hidden hobby. Since then I have continued to attend seminars and conferences where I can expand my knowledge and have also joined writing communities such as SCBWI and more recently 12 x12 to help me get my writing out of the dark.

Professionally I have worked in several fields including print production, manufacturing, marketing, business and brand building, and currently, I am a professional Dog Trainer as well as a Professional Dog Groomer.

For those who like jumping down rabbit holes:

When I’m not curled up somewhere ruining my posture and my eyes with writing or reading, I’m out with my dog in nature having fun. I was the kind of kid who’d wander around the neighborhood and act lost just so people would feed me and tell me stories. I talk to myself out loud and have had very awkward moments at the grocery store because of it. I believe trees are meant for climbing and stones are meant for skipping.  I love Batman as much as I love Shakespeare. I drink too much coffee and not enough wine. I LOVE reading historical fiction and will always watch a monster movie. Ask me about my dog training and I’ll charge you by the hour (joking), ask me about dog grooming and you’ll wish you hadn’t asked (not joking-so gross). Two of my favorite life experiences were viewing cadavers (with a medical student), and doing flying trapeze (with a net of course).  The rabbit hole goes deep so I’ll stop before we get lost. but thanks for reading.

Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. Or perhaps we’ll meet in the Twitterverse.

Thanks for stopping by.

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All Photography on this site (minus the snapshot of my dog) was done by Quarter Moon Co. and I thank them immensely for their support! 


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