Ingrid’s Work

Ingrid’s current focus is on Picture Books, but she has several manuscripts for Middle-Grade books and a few rough ideas floating around for a possible YA novel one day. She writes for children who (like she once was) are not super strong readers yet. She hopes to reach children who may feel alone or outcast for some reason or another and empower them to be themselves. Her stories lean towards magical realism as she feels it’s sometimes difficult to untangle the wispy threads of reality and magic that often find themselves muddled together. She also doesn’t shy away from darker material or harsh realities and hopes to find an agent who appreciates this balance of light and love alongside hard truths. 2021 is the year she plans on querying one of her many finished manuscripts.

Some less formal and/or creative work can be found right here on her own blog under the categories My Work or Ramblings.

Stay tuned for info on representation and other exciting updates like “published in children’s magazine”, “book launch scheduled”, “in stores now” or even “Ingrid has superpowers and can now fly”.

As we wait for these stories to become actual books,  here is a photo of Ingrid’s very first fully produced book and the prize it won her in The Young Author’s Contest she entered in the second grade.


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