My Work

Currently seeking representation for one of my Picture Book Manuscripts.
Slowly working on two of my favorite Middle Grade manuscripts.

I write to reach people. I write to help others feel less alone. I write to help children enjoy reading. While I do like to spark imagination, my stories do not shy away from ugly truths or somewhat dark topics when appropriate. As a child I struggled when moving past picture books for several reasons and didn’t enjoy books for many years. I write the books I wish I had as a kid.

Some less formal and/or creative work can be found right here on my blog under the categories My Work or Ramblings.

Stay tuned for information on representation and other exciting updates like “published in children’s magazine”, “book launch scheduled”, “in stores now” or even “I have superpowers and can now fly”.

As I wait for these stories to become actual books,  here is a photo of my very first fully produced book and the prize it won in The Young Author’s Contest I entered in the second grade those many years ago.