Ingrid’s Work

While Ingrid is mainly a dog groomer and a dog trainer, she is a Content Writer / Editor for both companies where she works. She also maintains the website and all social media presence for the dog grooming company. 

Some less formal and/or creative work can be found right here on her own blog under the categories My Work or Ramblings.

As for children’s stories, this page will be updated as her WIPs progress and story synopses will be added as each manuscript begins to seek representation. Stay tuned for those and more exciting updates like “published in children’s magazine”, “represented by agent”, “in stores now” or even “Ingrid has superpowers and can now fly.”


  • 8 Picture Books going through some edits/critiques
  • 6 more currently being prepared for critiquing
  • 1 chapter book completed & ready for revision
  • 2 middle-grade books in progress
  • 2 YA novels hiding in the pages of journals

As we wait for these stories to become actual books,  here is a photo of Ingrid’s very first fully produced book and the prize it won her in The Young Author’s Contest she entered in the second grade.


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