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Get Out


I am not a fan of horror and I despise alternate endings. Yet I thought this movie was fantastic and cannot recommend it enough. I know I’m late to the party, but the film is too good not to mention.

First of all, is it really even horror? I honestly don’t know. As a one-time film minor, I know that this genre has an interesting history and certain formulas to follow that make them what they are. I’m certainly no expert, but I’d guess this film breaks the basic “horror code” so to speak. It could be listed as a drama, a social commentary, a mystery, perhaps sci-fi? Ok maybe I’m stretching here, but my point is it’s just a movie with horror in it. I personally would not call it a horror film, but that’s because I don’t watch horror. In fact, I didn’t watch this film for so long because I thought it was straight up horror. It was my mother who suggested it to me. One day my mother tells me it was the first movie in a while that she enjoyed. “Ew mom, it’s horror,” I said. She just raised her eyebrows and said, “Maybe, but it was a really good movie.”

Much later, I see Lupita Nyong’o in an interview talking about her new horror movie titled “Us” and I watch the clip. The “bad guys” are the family’s doppelgängers. Ok, now you have my attention. I’m always my own enemy. The movie may not be anything like what I’m thinking about but it’s enough to make me investigate further and ask who wrote this story. It’s Jordan Peele, the comedian. That’s when I learn that he is also the writer of “Get Out”. Curiosity hooks and I decide to take my mom’s suggestion and watch “Get Out”. (In the daytime just in case)

It was horror all right, but in a new, dare I say, refreshing way. Things that actually horrify me are not that far fetched like chainsaws and men controlling my nightmares. “Get Out” is almost too real. Very smart. FINALLY, someone in a horror movie is INTELLIGENT and quick thinking. I can give nothing away because I knew nothing going in and loved that experience. I will say that at one point I actually shouted to my screen “GET OUT” and it felt great.

Storytelling at it’s finest. Solid characters, interesting plot, mysteries to be solved, and very thought-provoking. “Get Out” is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time, exactly how my mother felt. They let you figure some things out but not everything. It wasn’t that simple or easy like so many films I watch. And yes, the alternate ending with its commentary was very worth watching. Not your typical “we didn’t know how to end this story so we gave you choices” type of ending. I highly recommend this movie for entertainment purposes, thought-provoking interests, and educational value for storytelling. Guess I’ll be watching “Us” at some point now as well. With the lights on.

Post-script – as much as I steer clear of horror, I absolutely LOVE monster movies. That type of silliness and gore I can take any day.


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