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“What can I do about my dog’s breath?”

(See below for actual answer – I ramble first)

Oh blogging world. I have yet to be dedicated or have an actual theme. I haven’t had time to read most of the blogs I follow let alone write one myself. I’d probably care more if anyone else cared, but I don’t believe anyone does.

Do you?


That’s right, no one is reading this and that’s ok. It’ll be here when someone wants to. That’s how blogs work; tons of random thoughts, opinions, ideas posted to the interwebs for anyone to read, or everyone to ignore.

I’m ok with this. I need writing practice that’s not for Picture Books. It feels like ages since I’ve written anything other than Picture Books. And if you don’t know – it’s hard!!


So here’s the deal. I groom dogs. I train dogs. I live, eat & breath dogs. No I don’t. That’s gross. But I do breath a lot of dog hair, that is true and it is gross. Just lots of dogs in my line of work.
To that end, I have had multiple questions about dog breath and teeth care recently and my answer is always the same so I thought I’d share my product review here for anyone who passes out when their dog breaths on them.




I found this product about 19 years ago when I had my first dog, Indiana Jones. (“I named the dog Indiana.”) It wasn’t that I couldn’t brush her teeth, she was amazing and loved to be groomed. She was a Staffordshire Terrier who came to work and we’d sometimes have to put her on the grooming table and pretend to give her a haircut so she wouldn’t feel left out. What’s my point?  I used this product because it worked, not because I couldn’t do better with brushing.
Vets used to commend me on brushing Indiana’s teeth because they always looked so great. (Psst- I stopped brushing regularly once I saw how great this product worked – jokes on them)

Fast forward to my current dog. I stop buying Oxyfresh because it used to be exclusive to pet professionals and I had left the business for a while. New dog Scarlett Grey had missing teeth (malnutrition as a pup before I had her) and some plaque that vets ALWAYS point out to me. Oh, the shame. I started brushing her teeth. She too loved it. But then one day I realized her breath stunk anyway. Just a little, but enough that I didn’t like it.

Then I find that Oxyfresh has been rebranded and readily available on Amazon (yes I shop from the devil) and we’ve been good ever since. I still brush her teeth, absolutely recommend it if you can! But this certainly helps out in between.

Scarlett Grey loves her water


It says to add a capful per/liter of water. I have a gallon of water I keep in the fridge for Scarlett. I do the math, add the Oxyfresh, and keep her water bowl filled with this special water. Without it, (ie – on vacation ) she’ll have stink breath in about 5-7 days. Which I can remedy in about 2 days by giving her the good water.

The vets stopped telling me her teeth needed to be brushed. I still brush her teeth cause she loves it. She loves all attention from me actually. Even when I squish her head with hugs.

So that’s my blog post – a product review of Oxyfresh from someone who has worked with dogs for over 27 years and has used it on my own two dogs with satisfaction. I have nothing to do with Oxyfresh or Amazon. I’m just a girl and her dog. Take it or leave it. That’s my answer to your question.

Happy Blogging.

I love my dog.


dog groomer, dog trainer, and storyteller for children and the young at heart.

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