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The Lost Frost Girl – a review

By Amy Wilson
Fantasy – Fairy Tales / Middle-Grade

Well, hello, hello. My first book review in who knows how long? Of course, I’m the only one who noticed I neglected my blog for all of 2021. Blogs, journals, manuscripts, health, housework – yeah, many things got pushed aside last year. No one cares why and I don’t care to share my reasons; let us pretend they were good reasons and leave it at that. Let us also hope I don’t do it again this year. If anyone is reading this, feel free to drop a comment below about the first book you completed in 2022, what your goals are this year, or what your dog’s name is. You can also just read my short little book review; that’s fine as well.

My Synopsis.
Owl is a young girl who finds out her father is Jack Frost. Finding out the truth led to other mysteries and trouble. If she’s not careful with her new powers, she could ruin a lot more than her friendship with her best friend Malory and her mother’s trust.

Why I picked this book.
I was looking for a wintery-themed middle-grade novel. Plus I like fairy tales and Jack Frost.

Any disappointments?
Not really. It’s a middle-grade novel, so there is not the extravagant world-building and drama some may love. Look to your young adult or adult fantasies for that. This world building was perfect for a middle-grade book.

What kept me reading?
There were secrets and things I didn’t quite have figured out. Also, I really enjoyed Owl’s friendship with Malory, and that dynamic was a big draw for me.

This is a sweet and simple book with just the right amount of each element; fairytale, superpowers, realism, friendship, family, mystery, and adventure. Perfect for a winter read, and I was happy to learn there are more Owl books!

Final thoughts
Get yourself a warm cozy blanket, a cup of hot chocolate, and introduce yourself to Owl and her very likable friend Malory. You won’t regret it.

I laughed out loud at the potato scene. More than once. Mostly because I saw nothing wrong with choices made in that scene.


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