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Ten Ways To Hear Snow

a Picture Book By Cathy Camper Illustrated b Kenard Pak (published 2020)

First, let me just note that it’s been a long time since I’ve reviewed a picture book. I read so many, it gets tricky deciding which to review and why. So I’ve come up with a new format and will review if/when I feel like it. I stopped looking for rhyme or reason to which I select for review. My latest haul had loads of winter themed stories so there may be several of those to come. But today we’ll start with this one for no particular reason at all.

Lina takes a trip across the city to see her grandmother on a quiet snowy day.

“Outside, the late blue afternoon was completely still”
Another beautiful illustration but the simplicity of this one sentence was very powerful. We all know that moment of blue afternoons on a winter day, and trying to use too many words to describe that sensation would have disturbed the lovely quiet created on that page.

I loved the spread showing the inside of Lina’s house before she goes out. The artwork through the entire book is gorgeous, but I felt myself linger here longer and wanting to see more.

You absolutely know all of these 10 sounds and as you go through the pages you go through the city streets with Lina. Usually onomatopoeia is just for fun, but in this case the use of sound takes you right there because they are perfectly accurate. The added bonus of hanging out with grandma and making a special meal together is magic on magic.

I would definitely read this again. We’ll see next year if it ends up being a book I wish I already had on my shelf. And yes, this could be a lovely gift for a child who loves books.


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