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Blind Date with a book.

If you’re a book lover, you know having a good book to read on vacation is super important. I had a beach vacation coming up and put several beach-themed books on hold at the local Library. As vacation approached, I misread the Library’s open hours and never had the opportunity to get my books.

I was so upset. Almost depressed. I had a beautiful vacation planned, plenty to do, people I love to spend time with, but no book planned. I had carefully selected the books I wanted to bring and put them on hold weeks ago. I was waiting for them all to be ready for pick up. I stopped by the day before I left only to find the Library was closed for Good Friday. The remorse I felt from this was genuine. Please tell me some of you have felt the same.

A friend started listing books she could lend me. A coworker also suggested books she could lend. They didn’t have the same genres I was interested in. I was in trouble. How could I possibly enjoy a vacation without a good book to read?

I ran to Target (of all places) and purchased some books. It was the only place I’d have a chance to stop by before leaving. I wasn’t just renting a book from the Library- I was committed- I PURCHASED the books. Books I had previously never heard of. There have been books I’ve purchased like this that I hated. The one book I actually threw out was a blind book date. It’s such a risk. Especially when you’ll be on vacation and it’s the only book you’ll have.

I wonder if the books I’ve chosen will be winners or losers.

One book is by Rick Riordan; “Daughter of the Deep.” My nephew loved his Percy Jackson series and had me read them. I agree; they were super fun. So not a huge risk buying a new book from this author.

The other book is by author Christina Baker Kline. She wrote a book “Orphan Train’ which is on my TBR list but I have not yet read. This book is called “The Exiles.” Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres so I have hopes for this book.

I’m excited to start a new book. I wouldn’t want to waste any of those quality reading moments available while on vacation. A beach vacation at that! I really hope the books do not disappoint. They aren’t beach or summer themed like I had planned, but that’s ok. I don’t need specific stories for the beach, I was just really looking forward to them and now I have books I just met.

I know it’s not technically a “blind date” with a book. I’ve never actually selected a book that way and wouldn’t want to for a vacation book. Has anyone had a found a book they’ve enjoyed that way? What makes you stray from your TBR list? And lastly: did you love the book so much you kept it? Just curious if other book lovers have been on blind dates.


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