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Where have you been?

I have enjoyed so many books, but some stick with me longer than others. And more often than not, it’s because of where they took me. Not just on good adventures to a fun place, not just the great people you miss when you close the book, but somewhere that returns to you long after you’ve finished reading. What stories have left you with false memories? Places that have been so well written, you almost feel them as your own memory? Not just what happened there but how they felt and how they smelled.

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Acceptance vs Expectance

Last month I wanted a change, so I chopped off my hair. I had hair down my entire back, and now it barely covers my ears. It’s certainly changed, but it’s not cute. In fact, it’s an absolutely terrible home haircut. I should be more upset. Or, ideally, I should love the “new me .” Instead I simply have something new to dislike when I look in the mirror.

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Writing Habits

How do we get our writing done? There’s so much advice out there:

Write every day.
Write at least 20 minutes.
Write at least 8 minutes.
Write remotely on an app.
Always carry a pen and paper.
Write behind closed doors.
Write anywhere.
Set aside a time to write.
Write anytime – even your lunch break.

I feel like I’ve tried it all. I have reasons and excuses for why so many wonderful pieces of advice don’t work for me. I don’t get a lunch break, and I don’t have a long quiet commute. Sometimes I even ride my bike, so writing is not getting done within my working hours. We all have our reasons why great advice can’t work for us. I, for one, get frustrated and sometimes hopeless.
I used to compare myself to other situations thinking, “at least I’m not trying to raise children” or “at least I have no major health issues.” I believed these thoughts would drive me to try harder.

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Functional (writing) Goals

Guess what; it’s still January.
Only 24 days into 2022, so I’m still talking about preparing for the year.
In accord with my last week’s post, I’ve spent time shut away from the world every day. I’ve also attempted to use those moments as meaningful ways to enrich my writing skills. In doing so, I’ve found an interesting podcast. The Writers Block Party is new to me, and if it is new to you, this post may be of interest.

One episode I particularly enjoyed was about goals. Even though I’m a bit of an anti-new-year resolution person, I do believe in goals. I’m not going to spend time justifying why. I’m simply going to dive in and give an account of their podcast.

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