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I am a Godzilla fan. I have been since I was a kid. I watched a bunch of b-movies with my dad on Sunday afternoons; westerns, martial arts, shoot-em-ups, and of course monster movies. My dad wasn’t picky. He worked hard, a lot of overtime, all the maintenance around the house, and when he wanted to veg out I was happy to join him. I can’t say he actually liked any of the movies, but these type of mindless movies were always fun to watch. I never stopped enjoying them.

When I was older, my friends and I would rent a few of the worst looking black and white movies, fast forward to the middle, and watch the one we laughed at the most. You know, the one where you can see the zipper on the monster’s back. Then in college, I took a film class and learned about the history of these B-movies. I learned about their formulas and budgets and of course the cult that surrounds each genre. My amusement had a tinge of respect associated with them. Godzilla was no exception. Continue reading “GODZILLA”