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A New Darkness

Recently I finished The Starblade Chronicles series by Joseph Delaney and did not come to the end with the usual sadness and grief I have when finishing a well-loved book. I enjoyed them, but as my nephew said when I asked how he liked them, they were “eh”. This could, of course, be because Delaney’s previous series The Wardstone Chronicles was so incredibly addictive to both me and my nephew. The original series has 13 books total and when I had first learned of them my nephew owned three. He urged me to borrow all three but I was doubtful and only borrowed the first titled “The Spooks Apprentice” of which most people are familiar. After reading the first book, I hastened to read the other two he had, and then before I knew it had purchased the entire series for him just so I could read them. Continue reading “A New Darkness”