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Garden of Stories

Looks like I have not written on my blog since July- oh my!  I would apologize with exuberant regrets had I loads of followers, or even a handful. Alas, at this point my website is still mainly for me. I started it for motivation and motivate me it has. So what have I been doing the past three months? WRITING AND LEARNING.

As I have said before, I have plenty of stories, but no actual books. Even the ones I have “ready” are still in need of editing and such. So I have been listening to mentors, reading the “greats”, utilizing podcasts and audiobooks to fill my head with knowledge, tips, education and anything at all that will help my stories reach their fullest potential.

I love my stories. I love my characters. But they have been so neglected we needed to have some special time together so that I might have the chance to reconnect with them, tend to them, and help them grow. I’ve been pulling out weeds, cutting back overgrowth, mulching, and for some – just completely re-potting all together. Sadly, some have almost completely died and bringing them back to life may take quite a long time.

Getting back in my “garden” has been the best thing in the world for me. Even if my garden never receives any visitors, it will always be a special place for me and my brain. Whatever your garden is, I hope you find the time to tend to it and keep it alive.

And by the way – Happy Autumn everyone!


dog groomer, dog trainer, and storyteller for children and the young at heart.

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