Gorey Stories

‘Life is Distracting and Uncertain,’ She said and went to draw the curtain

A line from Edward Gorey’s story The Shrinking Treehorn.

Naturally, as I begin my journey online and at home to move my stories from my private world to the public world, life gets in the way.  I remember this quote because I once was in a play titled “Gorey Stories” in my community college. It was a fascinating production for me especially since I was already a bit of a fan. I was cast for only a very small part, but for the purpose of experience, I attended every single rehearsal and the set design meetings as well.  During one meeting, not too far from opening night, we were told one of the leads had a broken ankle and could not perform. I suspected she might have actually just dropped out because ours was such a small production and it was indeed a strange play. Whatever the reason, the director needed someone to stand in her place, and because I had been to every rehearsal and only had one or two lines of my own, I was given her part. Read More

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Nobody,

I am writing blog posts for no one to read.

I have done nothing to promote my website or even have it visible by any web searches. This site is not even completed, yet I post. I do this for several reasons.

First – I want to visit my website pretty regularly right now as inspiration, a reminder, something to hold me accountable. I have all these stories and I have let them sit around for far too long.

Second – practice. I want practice writing for the public. Practice writing in my own voice, not a character’s. Practice keeping a schedule that is about MY life, not someone else’s.

Third – I will eventually use these posts as tests when I begin using tags and SEO tactics.

I’ve had blogs in the past, but they had no direction or purpose. Well, they sort of did, but that’s maybe for another post. Another post for no one to read.



Coming Soon.

There is a lot of crazy fun stuff going on inside my head right now. I’m hoping to bring some of that out for the world to see. Please bear with me as I begin this somewhat public journey of my writing.